Monday, 19 December 2011

Closing for stocktaking

With great sadness I must close the shop doors for a while. 

It is getting harder and harder to find the time. Some very nice people have given me a proper job you see.

So I find myself facing stark choices like: make something or notice that I have children. Blog or sleep.

I've started to get my qualified art teacher badge, and hopefully inspire the next generation of makers, artists, bloggers and shopkeepers. 

I shall miss this place very much indeed and hope I'll be back to dust down the shelves in the summer.

Your support and comments both here and on facebook - verbal and typed - have meant the whole wide world to me. Thank you. 

So my little ol' blog will start and finish with something for a baby, which feels good and cyclical.

And I never did learn smocking.

'Bye for now, and thank you again for stopping by from the bottom of my heart.


a year above the shop

a year above the shop