Tuesday, 13 August 2013

ask a busy woman

The two girls went to stay with my parents for a night last week. And lo, the stars aligned and the baby slept for nearly three hours.

So I did this to a wall in the kitchen:

Before: grubby

After: none more black
I also got out the drill and did this:

These little handles had been sat staring at me for the best part of a year since I bought them in a flea market. They make me feel (marginally) better about the oversized filing cabinets that are our wardrobes.

Then, clearly on some kind of craft Stakhanovite high, I did a little sprucing up of some corners of my home. In our bedroom I put up a mobile for the baby and rearranged a mix of my old work, my Granddad's painting and a flea market buy:

I also added to this wall that I have previously featured here:

The print is from a collage by Martin O'Neill, the poster from the London Transport museum shop, the rest are handmade, heirlooms or charity shop booty.

And I thought, all the while, of the wise words of Caitlin Moran:

Give a new mother a sleeping child for an hour...and 'multi-tasking' does not come near to the quantum productivity of someone putting in an online grocery order, writing a report, cooking the tea, counselling a weeping friend on the phone, mending a broken hoover - all within the space of a 3 pm nap.  

-From How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran, Ebury Press 2011


a year above the shop

a year above the shop