Monday, 6 December 2010

A restoration: coat rack

I found this in a junk shop. It looked at me, I looked at it: it was love, what can I say.

But it was in need of rescue. I thought about paint matching the colours for the balls but with gloss you have to buy a whole litre and I really hate disposing of unwanted paint. So I got as near as I could colour-wise with these enamel paints. I decided it was better to be a little bit off than to be wasting all that paint, hopefully the fish will thank me.

I sanded with coarse and then smooth sandpaper to get the paint off. I left the blue as it was not too bad and I loved the colour.

Several coats of enamel paint later I put a coat of clear gloss over the top.

The metal was touched up with black Hammerite.

It was all a bit noxious and it is very cold to be working outside at the moment but I think the result is worth it:

I really like the low-rent cheerful Eames kind of vibe about it. I can imagine Joan hanging her jacket on it at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. With a hanger, of course.



  1. Mim, it's lovely and so is your blog, very inspiring and so helpful, thank you. If you ever do go into business selling any of this stuff I would be a regular customer! Beautiful xxx

  2. Hey Year Above the Shop, that looks brilliant, i am getting a vicarious ( have I spelt that right?) satisfaction out of your blog and go to it each day to see what else you might be up to.

  3. V funktastic peice Mim, think you could knock us up a replica using a Banana hook from Ridley Road and some Snooker balls from the Lady Di?

  4. Wow love your coat rack, too nice to cover with coats :0)
    Jacquie x


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