Friday, 15 April 2011

Running repairs

I finished this quilt about fourteen years ago. It was the first quilt I made using a machine, and the second one I had ever done. I made it up as I went along. This may have something to do with why it took three years. That and the fact that I went to university in the middle of making it.

I didn't use the highest standards. I did not know about things like binding, or binding makers, or really have any  proper understanding of how fabric frays. The quilt goes on our bed every winter and currently looks like this:

Fourteen years wear and tear. I know how it feels. 

Around ten years ago, in a moment of madness I took it to the launderette to be cleaned, not knowing how else to do it. It came back faded, which at the time I was very upset about, but now quite like. 

Once, I filled the bath with warm soapy water and walked on it with my bare feet, grape crusher style, this was a lot of fun but it took about a week to dry. 

Any suggestions of how to clean a patchwork quilt are greatly appreciated.

Last week with the first sign of sun in our little north facing garden I hung it over the washing line and did some repairs. 

Just me, the sun, the birds, the radio, the local stereo soundclash and some sewing. It was lovely. 

And it lasted exactly twenty-nine minutes. But each one was bliss.

PS Giveaway winners Ju, Elizabeth and Claire from clarabella kindly send me your adresses and I'll get cards in the post. And thanks to all who entered.


  1. what a beautiful quilt. I love the wear and tear - well used and worn. Lovely photos.

  2. What a truly precious possession. It is beautiful - it's even more precious for being so well used and mended.

  3. These photos of a quilt you clearly love are wonderful. My mom always dry cleans her quilts like this... with some one she trusts, of course. Thanks for sharing this... I found you through SouleMama today!

  4. Very thrilled to win the great thank you cards, but am obviously a complete idiot as I can't see how to send you my address ...

    PS lovely quilt

  5. Elizabeth, it took me a while to work out but if you go to my Blogger profile it should be there. Miriam


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