Friday, 26 August 2011

The best dressed nappy shelf in town.

No, this is not the first sign of madness. Really. When I first saw this:

I thought yes, yes, very pretty, but we have only three score years and ten, so I don't have time to crochet a trimming for a shelf.

Turns out I was wrong. Damn that beautiful Japanese styling.

I got a voucher from a dear friend for this lovely place for my birthday. So I bought some wool. And the wool seemed to ask me to make it into this. My new found Japanese skills made it all possible and really quite simple.

Unusually for me, I did not even change the colour combination, I was so smitten.

The cream and blue wool is made from milk fibre and it feels so soft, light and lovely. A real pleasure to hook with.

I blocked it out on a towel wrapped round a board for about three days. Enough time for quite a lot of comments of the questioning my sanity variety. But I don't care, I am used to those.

I used a lot of pins for the blocking and it worked a treat:

There are three other shelves in this room. I hope they are patient.

Very patient.


  1. wow. exactly like the book. nice bitossi bowl too! x

  2. Big Ted needs one of these:

  3. I knew I could count on you to spot the bowl Fran! BFAD that necklace is the NEXT LEVEL x


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