Friday, 16 September 2011

Lille: le weekend dernier

The Lille braderie: one beautiful city, two million people, several tonnes of stuff and nine very over-excited women.

The happy marriage of a car boot sale, a flea market, and a vintage fair, all on the scale of Glastonbury.

 It was hard to remain calm. So we didn't.

And bought lots of penguins instead.

My pupils dilated, my suitcase filled and my bank account emptied. What a weekend.


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  1. Part of me thinks, wow this looks amazing. And another part of me thinks, yeah thanks a lot Miriam, because this time next year our house is going to be inundated with boxes of more dodgy rose-print china and yellowing melamine picnic sets, when Saf and her friends come back from Lille...


a year above the shop

a year above the shop