Monday, 20 May 2013

Pinafore dress

My amazing aunt found me an old Cloth Kits pinafore dress kit. 

Burgundy needlecord, size 6-7. Perfect for Eva. I finished it off in the Welsh snow over Easter. 

For me, there is always a bit of teeth-gritting involved in dressmaking, even with a kit where the instructions are so beautifully explained.

Gratifyingly, it has been a hit. She calls it her pinaform dress and has rarely been seen without it.

On reflection I prefer pinaform to pinafore. It works much better don't you think? 


  1. LOVE Clothkits. Many memories of making them for my own girls. But no print? That's surprising; do you know what date it's from?

  2. It was from the early 1980s, I didn't see exactly which year. Whilst I like the prints from the current collection, I think the older patterns were a bit more gentle, and I love this plain one. Your girls were lucky!


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