Thursday, 27 March 2014


I took Mr Year to Barcelona. It was a surprise present for a significant birthday. 

Delicious churros, an incredible final score, and a great flea market. I sadly did not come home with the tiny furniture or the pink typewriter but the much more baggage allowance-friendly box of colouring pencils.

Spanish names for colours are very beautiful. Amarillo cromo. 

I am going to keep little hands away from these.


  1. Lovely pictures Miriam. The market looks very similar to one that happens near our house in Piemonte once a month. You can find the most amazing things. Were your Churros really good - I remember having it and thinking it was just awful - too greasy and heavy. Don't remember where in Spain I had them, but it wasn't the delicious experience I had been waiting for! I guess they must differ widely depending on the place you get them. Big hugs to your family. xxxx Amy

  2. Lovely photos and a great weekend x