Monday, 28 July 2014

a wedding

A very modern wedding. I really love these deeply personal ceremonies: a bit of this tradition, a bit of that. 

A three-year-old boy walking down the aisle with his mum, whilst his dad and his big brother wait at the other end. A deconsecrated chapel housing a very inclusive, very civil - in every sense of the word - do.

I made dresses for my girls, using the Bella dress pattern. I added some elastic shirring at the waist and sleeves. For my older daughter, I used some fabric I had embroidered on a while back.


For her sister I used Heather Ross' Princess and the Pea fabric which is completely beautiful, soft and light.

But, in many ways my proudest achievement that day was made not from fabric, but from loom bands (z?).

The bride and groom sent a piece of bunting out with every invitation, asking that all guests make...something. 

So this is what I did. As well as all the things that have happened in my life this year, as well as being the year of this special wedding; this year will always be the year of loom bands.

Guided by some of the kids at school I followed this tutorial and damn, it was complicated! Those looms were designed for fingers much smaller and younger than mine. I made a figurine for each member of the family. Just don't look too close.

I love this kind of challenge, but can see how troubling this is to the non-crafter. 
A fair few guests spoke in hushed tones about the deep stress they had had over the bunting, and really, couldn't they have just bought a set of serviettes instead? 

Blurry iphone photos as I (the DJ) was a bit blurry by this stage

They strung all the pieces up at the party, and don't they look beautiful? Steak knives wouldn't give you that. So personal and special, just like the day.

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