Saturday, 14 March 2015

Magic Time

Once again, the time lapse of wool and hook. Making when you don't have time to make.

I have been making things since we moved: painting, unpacking, framing, organising, but all a little bit here, a little bit there. It was only after making these I felt I could share them. There is something about the wholeness of a completed item of crochet that I love. A beginning, a middle and an end.

Two hats for two of my favourite heads. Both a plain rib (after the foundation chain you stitch into the back loops only) and a pom pom. Made on a pom pom maker too thank you very much, no messing about with cut cereal box circles. 

The blue cowl (I see these called infinity scarves but, well I don't know about that) is spaced iris stitch. I have the pattern for this easy stitch in an old magazine, but I saw it here when I searched. In a lovely blue merino blend with glittery thread running through it.

The cat scarf I love. At least I love the end product, not the process. It was one of the most complex things I have made, possibly beaten only by the Yoda iPod cover I made for my nephew. Must remember to stop seeing beautiful complicated many-pieced things on Ravelry and then buying them. Piece after piece after endless piece. I'm really not that kind of crocheter.

But my little girl she loves cats, grey ones especially. There is something so funnily old-fashioned about this scarf, all the legs and the head flopping down like a fox draped around the shoulders of a old lady. Thinking about this made the lengthy making process bearable.

Then there was the embroidery, the buttons, the ears...frankly if she doesn't wear it I will. I got the pattern here and it's great, really clear but don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, I made the tail a lot thinner than it says.

I wrote about the magic, time-creating miracle of crochet a while ago here and hurray for it. 

Oh, and I started another blog which is really sensible seeing as I can barely cope with my laundry but it turns out I really love to take photographs and write about them. This one's all about my mum and the little stories she makes with some tiny penguins. Works better visually.

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