Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Season's Harvest

It is a time of gathering inspiration and resources. 

This is helped along by the kind friends and family who bought me books over the holidays. I have also made efforts of my own by going to the Liberty sale and the Porte des Vanves flea market whilst visiting my brother just outside Paris. Tough job etc.

So many beautiful things to make and do:

First is this exquisite Japanese crochet book, title unknown. I read a post about a similar book recently so was very happy to receive this. The styling! The hooking! Swoon. 

I need to learn how to decipher Japanese crochet diagrams. These are almost as intricate and lovely as the slippers. I will make these one day, oh yes.

Next is a strange and wonderful book called Crochet Finger Puppets by Gina Alton. I can't decide if my favourite is the mermaid:

Or the ninjas: 

How have I lived this long without crocheting a ninja?

Selvedge magazine was a staple in my old studio. I have become a subscriber and I love it. Always interesting and inspiring:

Next, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Easily my favourite new book. For me, so many project books have one or two good ideas and a lot of fillers. This stylish, clear and warmly written book is full of things I want to make. Like these bloomers:

The match-day man bag in my last post came from here. 

From time to time I check in on Amy Karol's blog to see how her hardcore sewing addiction is going. Like Weekend SewingBend-the-Rules Sewing is smart, stylish and in no way naff. This would be a great book for someone just beginning their sewing machine odyssey:

Next comes Summer Crochet by Rowan. I have never had much luck crocheting garments before. Partly because I never used to check my tension. As a result, my only effort was a misshapen pistachio mohair bedjacket (why?). The other reason for my lack of crochet clothing is that I never saw any patterns that I would actually wear. Until now. 

Look at this gorgeous poncho:

Summer Crochet by Rowan
Fact: crocheting in a poncho is impossible, I have tried it.

There is a great 'just hanging around by the harbour crocheting with the fishermen' vibe to it:

Shown above is the start of the tunic on the front cover. 

Above and below is the booty from the Liberty's sale and the Porte des Vanves flea market in Paris. There is a piece of silk satin I might inflict my dressmaking skills on to.

I am only allowed to go to the Porte des Vanves flea market every couple of years and then only for about half an hour as it drives my brother insane with boredom. But my word it is amazing.

Shown amongst the fabric bundle is a pillow for a tired dolly I knocked together using all four thread spools on my overlocker. It was wild:

Now I just need a big 'do not disturb' sign.

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