Thursday, 3 February 2011

If Carl Cox made pyjamas for his dolly

Just over a year ago now I made this doll for my daughter's second birthday. She came from Clothkits and was very quick and easy to sew:

I copied the pattern for her dress and made her three more so she had a little wardrobe:

She was much loved and adored. She and my daughter spent many happy days lacing daisies into each other's hair and swapping secrets. 

But then. A new doll was given as a present. And this one had a dummy, a bottle, a pink babygro and when you squeezed it's tummy it cried. All of a sudden dolly was dumped. So it goes. Kids: so fickle.

But, I have learned that toys come in and out of favour and this has certainly been true for dolly. Recently, her popularity has been given a boost by the purchase of this pyjama kit. I bought it for a Christmas present and made it up a few days ago.

I used my overlocker and my sewing machine just for the sheer hell of it. If Carl Cox made pyjamas for his dolly - and I like to think he would - his workbench would look something like this:

It went very smoothly. I got a little bored by the end but that is more to do with my limited patience as a dressmaker than the pattern. Less good was the Liberty bias binding supplied in the kit running out but fortunately I had some of my own.

There was a little of the cotton gingham left so I made her a teddy in matching pyjamas.

I cannot say what the future holds for this doll but for now things are secure.


  1. are you kidding me?! that's his main job. pjs for dollies and cowboy outfits for teddies. dur! didn't you know?
    gorgeous as ever. my mum is making things for emilia's dolls, so special. x

  2. Brilliant, I love it. I'm glad Dolly is triumphing over crying baby xxxx

  3. we love cloth kitty in our house too.

  4. That little teddy is inspired. Fingers crossed that dolly retains her favour. She certainly looks as though she's enjoying her pyjama tea party.


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