Friday, 3 June 2011

Going back to my roots

There was a time, not so long ago, when hardly a day went by without a pair of these in my hands:

Tile nippers and adhesive: these were my friends.

Not so much on pots, mainly on walls. In and around London but also in Chandigarh and around the world, being a mosaic artist was my day job for a good few years, and a very nice one it was too.

I designed them, made them, taught others how to make them. I earned a living from this gig.

So when a friend broke her favourite plate when moving house, she came to me with the pieces, and a new commission was born. 

It was just like riding a bike. I remembered the dusty fun of this bit:

And the magic of this bit:

And the 'ta-da!' of this bit:

Irregular broken crockery calls for simple, so that is what I did. Making a jigsaw without a picture, finding backstamps and stories.

I thought a lot about this mosaic hero of mine. And this one.

Mmm... what next?


  1. Hi Miriam, fab pot! I feel like a bit of a stalker as I have been looking at your blog for months now (kate sent me the link) and not posted a commment!!
    Needless to say I love the things you've created. I have just set up a blog myself (not quite the same calibre as yours, yet!) and wanted to put a link to yours on it. Is that OK? Not sure of blog etiquette, but wanted to say hello.
    Thanks, Alice (crick) x

  2. thanks for my beautiful pot. is amazing to see the work that went into it actually. you are kind.

  3. Hi Alice,
    Yes it is fine to link to my blog, go ahead. Do let me know the details of yours. Good luck with it, nice to hear from you, Miriam x

  4. Thanks Miriam! This is my blog - x


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