Friday, 10 June 2011

Crochet tunic

Finally, finally. I mean, I wasn't in a hurry, but still. That took ages. I think I first mentioned this project back here in late January.

And really, I think the only way is to see such projects is long term. I was going to be the boss of this tunic, not the other way round. 

And that is how it went, mostly. Car journeys, episodes of 'The Killing' (not easy to crochet with subtitles), the odd row here and there and before you know it... But, it still took ages. And frankly, I did get bored. A lot of black, a lot of the same two rows repeating over and over and over.

I prefer crocheting for things or small people, I have learned this about myself. I will wear this though, just as soon as the temperature stops being 25 degrees.

I don't wish to sound down on it, I really think crochet is magical mystical stuff, and still much faster than knitting, but the repetition of it crossed over from meditative to monotonous

When it was finished I blocked it out as per the tutorial on Alicia Paulson's blog. I don't have a blocking board so I wrapped a towel around my cutting mat, it was fine. 

I used Patons Diploma Gold DK, it was 55% wool, the rest nylon, which was a strange choice I suppose but I wanted it to hang really nicely. 

The pattern was from Rowan Summer Crochet, the Sardinia top, I added a few rows to make it more tunic-y. I have posted it all up on my Ravelry page.

Never again. Back to small, pretty things.


  1. Never again? Really? But I want one! x

  2. Absolutely love this. This is how I crochet too, I've been working on a short shrug forever, will probably never finish. LOL

  3. Ah ms year but it's lovely, i think it was worth all the trouble or perhaps i can't really say that since it wasn't me who went to all the effort, it was you . . . xx

  4. Thanks! I'm starting a slow crochet movement, six months per project minimum. Miriam x


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