Monday, 15 April 2013

vintage boy crochet

The first of Nat's crocheted garments, but by no means the last. My policy is to get as many in as possible before they refuse to wear them. This could be coming any day so I am making hay.

I bought a massive ball of aran weight cream wool/acrylic mix a while ago, and it has so far made a blanket, a hat, and this cardigan, with barely a dent in it. 

Whisper it, but a bit of man-made fibre (woman-made is probably more accurate) is no bad thing in my book. It often wears better and washes easier. And is more affordable.

I got the pattern from an old crochet magazine. As I said in the last post, these always provide excellent comic value and the odd thing I want to make, like this. 

This little cardigan was so easy. It is made in one piece with the edges sewn at the end. A nice picot edging also makes the buttonholes. Wooden buttons seemed best, and it was done.

I have updated my Ravelry page so it's all up there, I am happy to email the pattern if anyone wants to try it. 

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  1. I love the green and pale blue trim . . . And Nat is just beautiful.


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