Thursday, 4 April 2013

Vintage man crochet.

There are so many things I love about old crochet magazines. You get pages that look like this:

And this:

And you step back in time, to a world where Woolworths still exists. Ah, I miss that shop so much.

So authentically Mexican.

Best of all, you can get ideas. I am not sure I would want Mr Year to wear this jerkin - though if he did it would be pretty cool -  but the stitch could look nice as something else.

Like a...tie. A tie like this:

It was made from some Scandinavian organic wool. So I suppose this technically makes it a tiny scarf. Also, what makes the wool organic I wonder? It was a simple scallop stitch, really rhythmic and enjoyable, although like all long thin projects it did start to get a little boring towards the end. 

But I like it. So does he, at least he seems to be enjoying it.

Perhaps a little too much.


  1. great tie; awesome photo shoot!

  2. With a high-pressure lifestyle as hectic as mine, I need to be able to rely on my accessories. I need style that can cope with the tough demands of the boardroom and the bar; that allows me to work hard, and play hard.

    Crochet won't let me down. It's a tie I can trust.

    (But to clarify, I do not need a crochet jerkin.)

  3. Only such a man could wear a Liberty print pocket handkerchief so convincingly! What a beautiful tie!!

  4. Great post. Great tie. And I think Mr Year missed his calling.


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