Tuesday, 23 July 2013

some days

Some days there is no time to make things.

Some days your fridge packs up in a heatwave. 

A gas leak apparently. Do I save the hummus or the orange juice?

Some days you take a hot teething baby to the surgery for his immunisations. And you have to wait over an hour.

A work-in-progress sits tantalisingly over a chair.

So nearly finished. If only I had some time.

On these days I try to find comfort in what I can do.

I can rearrange my scissors. This is pleasing.

I can make a good luck card for someone important.

And that is about it. Sigh. Maybe it's ok. 

It will have to be.


  1. Of course it's ok. Anything you get done over and above sheer survival when you've got a small baby (especially in this heat) is a matter for congratulation. xx

  2. And while you feel hot and stuck and as though you haven't achieved anything, the rest of your family sings and tell jokes - you take on all the frustration so that they don't need to. X Anne

  3. Aah just lovely writing. Honestly. Made me feel better in my own no time life. Katie xx


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a year above the shop