Wednesday, 3 July 2013

tank girl

Ah the English climate. 

As I write: a cool, sticky day. The sky a greyish shade of rainy sports day. What to wear? Not too hot, not too cold. Layers layers layers.

Why, a tank top of course!

A couple of years ago I taught myself to read Japanese crochet symbols and made this tank top in Alpaca wool for my older daughter Eva. 

Reader, I am sorry to report that that top is no more. Unless you are a doll. Yes, it was put on a hot wash. And not by me. I will say no more.

The thing is, it was a really quick pattern, and had enough going on not to get too boring. So, I made it again in a kind of deep space blue with intergalactic silver threads I bought in the sales:

I made another, this time more a sleeveless cardigan than a tank top: 

The wool was a lovely merino wool mix also bought in the sales. I found this pattern on Ravelry to base the shape on. Such a great pattern for a cardigan on there: you just start with the circumference of a neck then do a simple formula to work out the rest.

It's the same author as  this cardigan, with my own amendments.

The weatherman says it will be barbecue weather this weekend. Can I, dare I, believe?

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