Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Humanities Shelf

I am working on a larger than usual project at the moment. It's going fine, I'm just coming up against the age old-hours-in-the-day vs stuff-to-do problem.

So I had to get creative gratification elsewhere this week. With that in mind I finally spruced up this little corner of my home and that made everything feel better:

No good having them all piled up: these are big ideas and they need to be free to breathe.

The wallpaper is a vintage roll picked up on holiday in Sweden three years ago. What a country. From design, through music, to belief in the value of a large state: I love it.

I also went to the exquisite John Stezaker show at the Whitechapel gallery and felt very much in the hands of a master. 

Back soon, with that big project.


  1. Those weighty tomes certainly have breathing space now Mim, and they look fab too. I bet Ms Klein would be very proud to be in such close proximity to Vladimir Ilyich...

  2. That wallpaper is a keeper, as is your skeletal physalis lantern. This looks like a good shelf to visit.

  3. Great wallpaper! I love all things Swedish I just have to go there to find out if its as good as I think it is.


a year above the shop

a year above the shop