Friday, 25 February 2011

Quick hat

After the enjoyable - but long - process that was Nelly the giraffe I was looking for a quick fix. It is hedonism after all that drives all this making.

The crochet tunic is going well but there is just so much of it. This is another reason why I never really make clothes for myself. Granny squares, mushrooms, and things for small people are so much quicker. So to give my eyes a break from all that black and just to get something finished I made this little hat.

I was reminded again why I am a crocheter and not a knitter, this genuinely was a quick hat. Not instant mind you, but quick. 

The pattern is the Snowbunny hat from Alicia Paulson's page on Ravelry. The woman is a crochet colossus. I adapted it slightly, changing the colour distributions around. I also added another three rows of the treble clusters to lengthen it as the pattern is for a newborn and not a big bouncing gal like mine.

I also added a few double crochet stitches around the ends of the ties to balance up the  eau-de-nil.

The end ties and their extra stitches. Very tasty apparently.

The eau-de-nil was a Debbie Bliss, the tomato red and cream were nameless balls from my stash.

I do find it worth sometimes paying a little for patterns, much as I love and use all the great freebies out there. 

This pattern could be easily adapted for larger children and even adults - by adding a few of the increasing rows at the top of the hat - that is assuming I can find adults to wear the hats I make. 

This of course is the other great benefit of making for children. 

I might have added a few too many rows as it fits my older daughter who now thinks it is hers.


  1. Aaah, very sweet little models and I live the hats, such a gorgeous combination of colours.

  2. you obviously need to make another one. lovely colours. x

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL. You have a great way with color!

  4. Hey Year above the shop, what lovely stuff you've been up to. The giraffe is fab and the hat is delicious.


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