Thursday, 25 November 2010

A crochet cushion

Some people are knitters. Me, I have crossed over to the other side and am firmly a crocheter. Mainly because it is quicker I have to say. I also love the way it seems to be easier to make very free sculptural items; you can change shape and gear so easily with only one hook. I do love it and try to have a crochet project on the go most of the time.

So good for hands like mine with a compulsive making disorder, I mean a perfectly healthy need to keep busy.

This latest offering took a few goes to get right. I was not following a pattern but knew I wanted a circle in a square for a seat pad. The first attempt was too gappy:

I worked out that each row I had to make sure that the 'clusters' of stitches were bigger than the gaps in between. And, that the circle grew enough for the fabric to stay flat and not accidentally decrease and pucker up.

I got the idea for using a jumper as the back piece from Attic24 again. I simplified it a little as sadly I could not persuade Mr Year Above the Shop to part with his red lambswool sweater and so found this cardigan in my local Oxfam shop.

It all worked out for the best as the buttons naturally provided the opening for the seat pad. Great.

I pinned it right sides together and ran a blanket stitch around the edges. I then turned it out and ran another blanket stitch, this time with thicker wool, to give it a bit of shape and a decorative edge:

It will live on one of our kitchen chairs, on the frontline of weaning and family mealtimes. Sorry cushion.


  1. What a beautiful cushion. The color combination is awesome. You have a great eye for what works well together. Perfect addition to your antique phone table. Enjoyed stopping by your blog and reading about your adventures in craft.

  2. tres tres lovely, and great to see it from start to finish. who knew there was some old cardi under there. and is that some kind of ercol goodness there too? lucky you. x

  3. Oh it's lovely and I am rather in love with your fabulous telephone table.

  4. Just found you via your comment to Lucy, so glad I did :0)
    Love your cushion , the colours are gorgeous and your photos are lovely .
    Jacquie x

  5. I like the cushion and I like your apology to the cushion.


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