Monday, 8 November 2010

Way out west #2: a rainbow shirt

Last week a young friend had his fourth birthday. This lovely flame-haired boy is currently into all things wordy. So I thought I would do his own word, on a t-shirt. Long sleeved for the cold months ahead.  

With all the sun and rain we are having in this amazing autumn, a rainbow popped naturally into my mind. We saw three in one day a couple of weeks ago.

I designed and made this freezer paper stencil t-shirt. They are really such a joy these stencils. I cannot recommend them enough. We took it on our trip west and I think he liked it.

He wore it to his birthday party, an honour. It looked really great with the chocolate train cake and four blazing candles.


  1. Hello Year Above the Shop,

    lovely t - shirt, lucky flame haired Billy.

    This blog is gorgeous, i love the name you've chosen. It makes me think of the novel 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum' by Kate Atkinson. Also the dresses made by your grandmother are the kind of dresses you would find in a story. Probably with a chapter devoted to each dress. . .

    Also also I wanted to post an official woefully belated thankyou for my book cover which is very lovely . . .so a bit of a multi purpose posting today.

    I look forward to reading more atyearabovetheshop very soon.

  2. love how this turned out, slightly rough edges but no mess - perfect!

  3. All good things, looks like you have been busy. Hope to catch up at the weekend and maybe view some crafty fineness.

  4. what's the paint that you use mim?

  5. Hi Beckie,
    For this I used two manufacturers: Marabu textile paint and Lefranc et Bourgeois. Great names eh? Both washed fine I hear. I got them in my local stationers/art supplies. Thanks, M


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