Monday, 22 November 2010

Fixing a hole

I made this blanket whilst I was pregnant at the end of last year and into the beginning of this one. I followed the directions for Summer Garden Granny squares at Attic24, a wonderful resource for the crocheter.

It was great. Portable, used up all the little bits, plenty of room for colour palette creativity. A car journey here, a film there, and before you know it, you have yourself a blanket.

I searched around for the right way to join them together - I did not want any little ridges - and found a good method here that keeps it all flat.

But look what tiny little fingers, attached to strong flapping arms have done:

So in the snatched moments between tending to the sick I did some repair work. And now it is back to its proud self:

The decision to use grey as the joining colour came from my mosaic days, when grey grout used to make all colours sing. I think here it does the same, quietly providing the outline and working well with the darks and the lights. 

I enjoy this blanket every day, I really do.

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  1. Hey Miriam...what a FABULOUS blog you have here!! Your blanket is stunning, you are so right about the grey, it works a treat.

    I'm off to pootle through your archives now, a pleasure visiting with you

    ps thanks for your comment on my blog, not sure what to do with the paper snowflakes (so many of them!) but yes, will put them up somewhere somehow xxxxxxxx


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