Tuesday, 12 October 2010

An Indian summer quilt

Finally finished: 

This quilt has had a very syncopated rhythm. Fits of activity followed by several weeks of being ignored. In the days and weeks after the birth of the baby I would rush to it whenever I could. Just to sew for twenty minutes made those hectic days easier.

I had been planning it in my mind for a long time. I knew I wanted strong simple geometric shapes so that the fabrics could speak for themselves. Baby's blocks fitted the bill perfectly. 

I also knew that it had to be done as quickly as is possible with a technique that is by definition slow. I did not want to still be making it in two years time (I have form). Deciding to make it a runner was part of that decision. A trip to the wonderful V&A quilts exhibition in the spring inspired me to get on with it. 

When it came to the 'how' of making it, I looked at lots of pictures on Flickr, got inspired by a few blogs, most notably Alicia Paulson's, read a few books, and just muddled through my own way using raw edges, zig zag stitch and fusible interlining.

As befits a patchwork, the fabrics are from many different places. Above you can see the selvedge of a limited edition Liberty print done for the V&A show. There are also some Liberty offcuts, some from my stash, a vintage fair, a couple of Japanese on-line treats and a few from my local haberdashery. I also added some trimmings into the mix.

It has turned out just how I hoped: a simple, not too fussy or pretty summer quilt. So pleased I actually finished it!


  1. it is beautiful! love the colours and the matryoshkas and the william morris from my granny's sofa! what an achievement. x

  2. Gorgeous Mim! So impressed that you have found the time for this amidst all the crazy chaos of family life. Well done mate! p.s. Blog is pretty lovely too. There's a ring of Bagpuss to it....x

  3. Thanks for your comments. Francesca, your granny's sofa sounds seriously cool. Bagpuss is an endless source of inspiration for all crafters and all human beings.

  4. Lovely choice of colors and fabrics! Congratulations on persevering with what turned out to be a lovely project.


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