Friday, 8 October 2010


My older daughter is only two, something I have to remind myself of when we are discussing the finer points of how exactly mermaids go to the toilet, or whether rabbits like rain. 

When it comes to crafting I have to really hold in check the part of me that dreams of a rosy glow afternoon of mother and daughter making side-by-side. Whilst this does happen more and more, it is still very fleeting. I hope the fleeting minutes will stretch as she gets older, but I know the worst thing I can do is force it. So I try to play it cool. 

This project is perfect for the here and now. Rich with creative possibilities and great for very small hands. 

I think the addition of glitter gives it a great inter-galactic look.

Tactile, cheap, colourful, a bit smelly, and easy to adapt.  Who does not love playdough? Mother and daughter very happy. 

Of all the recipes I have tried, this is the best. My thanks to Ella and Rosie of the Paint Pots Art Club for it, and for many happy and messy Wednesday mornings.

Playdough recipe
200g plain flour
100g salt
300ml water (this should include any food colouring)
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tabs oil

For the microwave:
Stir all the ingredients in a bowl. Microwave on full setting for one minute. Stir. Cook for  another minute. Stir. Cook for two more minutes. Take the mixture out of the bowl, let it cool and knead well. 

For the stove:
Place all the ingredients in a pan. Cook on a low heat whilst stirring constantly. When stiff remove from the heat, let it cool and knead well. Be sure to put the pan in water to soak immediately.


  1. Bad news for Daughter number one: Mermaids 'go' in the sea.

  2. love the black glitter disco!

  3. Yes, but how do they 'go' in the sea? From where? Don't answer.

  4. So good to see a young person having such a colourful and tactile time, without wearing an apron. She's even wearing a white outfit!


  5. This is our favorite play dough recipe too! Congrats on the really nice blog -- so glad i found you through Made by Joel!


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