Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A work roll for a writer

A writer friend of mine had a birthday so I made her this work roll: 

She can put in a paperback, a notebook or two, and three pens or pencils. Just right for the scribe about town. I kept the colours quite understated because this writer is going places, and whilst I know she loves vintage Miffy fabric, perhaps this look is better for those high-powered meetings.

These are such a joy to make and have become a firm favourite for presents. They can be made in one sitting and the pattern is straightforward. 

Hours of endless fun thinking about print and colour combinations. 
Here are some I made earlier for two small children:

I got the pattern from breadandbuttons. You can download it free on the sidebar of her homepage.

 I have adapted mine for the adults: larger in size, stronger fabric (the one shown here uses canvas lining which works beautifully) and different placing of the pockets. I wanted them to have room for a paperback. For the children's rolls, I measured them to fit a ladybird book. Form and function. Lovely.


a year above the shop

a year above the shop