Friday, 15 October 2010

Pom pom fringing is everywhere

Since I used it to edge my quilt I am seeing it everywhere, like a visual earworm. 
At a recent trip to the Tate Modern I saw it on the walls:

and in the shop:

Gauguin cushions. Yes, Gauguin cushions.

At the 12 Gallery on Saturday night for the opening of a new show by my friend and collaborator Lucy Steggals and Annabelle Dalby:

Beautiful carousel slide projectors at the opening of 'Origins and Approaches'

And here above the shop where I went through a lampshade phase recently:

the studio assistant

What is the word for this phenomenon?


  1. did you make those lampshades? brilliant!

  2. LOVE (not really) those Gauguin cushions.... I like your phrase visual earworm too! I caught the end of a Radio 4 science prog a few weeks ago, where they were talking about aural worms - the echo of a tune in your head is Ok if its a lovely tune, but if its a theme tune from Cbeebies or something.....;)

  3. love the miffy lampshade. I used to have a teddy called pompom!


a year above the shop

a year above the shop